MVM Elite

MVM Elite


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The MVM ELITE has a all blue crop top v-neck long sleeves with white v-neck trim and red MVM writing. It also features white stripe on both sleeves with red MVM writing and a white band at bottom of crop top, and MVM logo with wings in red on rear of crop top.

The MVM ELITE pants has a white band around waist with red mvm logo’s and also features white stripe down the sides of both legs with red mvm logo’s. it also features a gear logo on lower rear left calve.

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MVM Elite



MVM Elite:

This top of the line style will have you getting a gold medal for being a star in life.

Go team USA 2016 Olympics!!!!!

Waiting for the 4th July parade to start someone asks me if i was participating , as i replied “no, sorry i’m a spectator” they looked stunned and replied “well you should be” and then proceeds to proudly give me the thumbs up following with “way to be patriotic!!!!”. This made me feel proud to be an American rocking the red, white and blue as anyone else would wearing this garment.


MVM ELITE is a blue long sleeve top with a white trim and red MVM GEARS “MVM”writing. It features a white stripe on both sleeves with red MVM writing with a white band around the bottom and MVM logo with wings on the back.



Get your sweat on in this brightly colored gym wear suitable from any intense workout all the way down to the most relaxing yoga session. Our bright colors & designs will keep you motivated as you strive for perfection.


-High-stretch soft-touch leggings for comfort and range of movement

-85% polyester and 15% spandex  breathable and extremely comfortable fit.

-Bold all over print with bright colors

-Eye catching designs


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